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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

It may be an archaeological mystery; which Ionian island was really Odysseus' home. But I must say this: if Ithaca was my home and I was away for all these years, I would do anything to return. Me and Dimitris, spent only a few hours on this little island and we loved it. What can I say about the crystal clear waters, the tiny little beaches, the picturesque villages, the relaxing peace and tranquility?

At 9:30 in the morning, we boarded on our little cruise boat, Sami Star II, at the port of Sami, in Kefalonia. The captain and the crew were so kind and helpful, and our (mostly Italian) travel companions were very pleasant.  My nautical terminology is not the best there is, so please, forgive me. One thing is for sure. we sat in the bow of the boat (is it bow?) and we watched the waves and the beautiful view around us.

In about a half hour we reach the famous beach Gidaki, that means Little Goat (Γιδάκι). Everyone started plunging and diving from the boat, into the water. Unfortunately my camera is not waterproof, so I just left everything behind and went for it, without worrying for keeping records. This is the last shot I got before I dived and believe me, this color is not even close to the real thing. 

Next stop Vathy that means Deep (Βαθύ), we went shopping, grabbed a coffee and walked around. We discovered the art gallery Veronis Gallery, where we met the artist himself, and admired his Mythology inspired beautiful creations,

And then there was  Kioni (Κιόνι), a little village that we instantly fell in love with. Quiet, with an emerald beach, beautiful traditional buildings and pleasant people. We both agreed, that we could definitely move at this village, if we had the change. That's what loves at first sight do, they make ou lose your mind!
We enjoyed our fish and seafood at the water's edge and at 14:20, we went back to our little boat, for the fourth and last stop of our trip.

The last beach we visited was a small place in heaven. But I don' t remember it's name. What a shame! 
We dived and swam around for about 40 minutes and all aboard again for the way back to Kefalonia,
At 4:00 o' clock sharp, we were back at Sami, after a day full of sea.
I feel there are not enough words for me to describe this adventure! I hope that some day you come to Greece and do the same trip and then you will see what I mean!

And that's it my friends! My 2016 holiday was definitely short, due to serious lack of capital but it was totally worth it!
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♥Lina aka linaaaap♥

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  1. μαγευτικο μερος! δεν εχω παει ποτε, αλλα ειναι μεσα στα χσεδια μας! με ταξιδεψες :)