Knitting season begins | Crocheted needle case

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

My friends, it's been days since my last post, but I haven't forgotten about you. On the contrary I'm preparing so many stuff for you! This week I 've started my knitting sessions, while the first raindrops touched the ground. I 've knitted this crocheted case that you see in the photos and used it to organize all of my crochet hooks and some knitting needles. After that I decided to untangle my yards. That was a hard one! I like to call myself organized, but most of the times, everything around me is a mess. No idea how this happens. A tidy artist, that's a good one. Always struggling with these opposite aspects of my personality. Anyway...

After that, the hardcore knitting began. I finished the front side of a sweater that was sitting there for months, I crocheted some tiny shows for the Baptizing of a sweet little lady, and I also made my cousin's present for her name day that is over the corner. You will see all that one by one.
For now, I 'm only sharing the hook/needle case, to mark the new season. My normal knitting needles already have their own case, made by an aluminum foil cardboard roll. You can find the related post from 2013, here. (If the post is still in Greek, please be patient, or visit my Youtube Channel and learn Greek!)
So, what inspires you during the fall season? Is is cooking, painting, knitting?

Keep in touch for more knitting news and for all my regular posts suchs as my Beauty Favorites and my book reviews.

♥ Lina aka linaaaap♥ 


  1. υπεροχη η θηκούλα σου! καλες δημιουργίες!

  2. Τέλεια η θηκούλα και άκρως απαραίτητη! Να έχεις ένα όμορφο ΣΚ!